Visiting Katharina in France

Finally, here are some pictures from my visit to Katharina in France.

After a 60 hours trip (including a 18 hour stopover in South-Korea)


The temperature was a shock even considering that the winters in Pau are mild compared to Norway.



But anyway we did a lot of sight-seeing. One of the things we did in
Pau was to visit the castle there (In the background)



On one of the big trips we made we headed for the city Toulouse north-east of Pau (check a map)

Toulouse is famous for it architecture.



The first weekend we headed for the mountains. The Pyrenees have many great skiing villages. One of them is Gourette with beautiful mountains and perfect weather.


Here we could go skiing, something I really have been missing in Australia.

San Sebastian



The second weekend of my visit in France we went to San Sebastian (Spain.)

San Sebastian is a popular vacation city in north-eastern Spain with big beaches and good surf.

San Sebastian is a part of the Basque area in Spain even though it did not show that much with

the exception of a few Basque flags and paint on Spanish flags.
As you can see we also visited a pretty good aquarium.

Visit from Katharina

20th of December Katharina finally came on vacation to Sydney, Australia!

After waiting almost 4 months for her I was very excited to see her again, and she used a while getting here. I guess we were the last persons to leave the airport because of problems with luggage that got left in Hong Kong. But the most important thing was that she arrived!


The first day we went shopping, for clothes offcourse... with no luggage she needed something to wear. After getting ready for Australia with some real "surf-babe" clothes it was time to hit the beach!



Unfortunately Katharina only had 2 weeks in Australia before she had to hurry back to France for her exams. We didn't have much time so we decided to spend all our time in Sydney.


The first two days included a lot of walking around Sydney CBD and taking photographs of all the "must see" locations. But we also got to spend some time at the many beaches in Sydney and also did a walk from Bondi beach to Cogee beach.



Christmas Eve we spent with Daniel, a friend of mine from
Germany. He is living in Sydney (Randwick) for the summer break which was perfect for us, we had accommodation in Sydney! Since it was really hard to get "pinnekjtt" in Sydney we settled for something easy and good, turkey. We had a really great Christmas dinner on the 24th of December, although most Australians celebrate on Christmas day the 25th of December. After dinner we went to Cogee beach hotel late at night for some great live music and a good party. We ended up on Cogee beach taking a late night swim around 3 am. I have never gone swimming on Christmas Eve before.


The 25th of December we had an excellent kangaroo stake in Kingswood and opened some presents.



Although we went to Sydney every day, one of the highlights was a concert in the opera house on the 28th of December. Australia philharmonic orchestra played an amazing concert with everything from great classical music to famous musicals.

Seeing the opera house from the inside is something I advise everyone visiting Sydney to do. The concert hall has over 2600 seats.




30th of December we went to Featherdale Wildlife Park to see some of the amazing animals Australia has to offer. We got really close to some of them as you can see on the pictures.



New Years Eve was something we were really looking forward to. It was inevitable that we spent it in Sydney. Early on the day we had a nice dinner in Chinatown, and then we met up with Daniel and a German friend of his visiting for new years. We choose Darling Harbour as the place to be. The place was packed with people and entertainment. They had three different stages with outdoor concerts in addition to water ski shows and fireworks from a boat in the harbour. The biggest fireworks were from the harbour bridge, but we had good view over most of Sydney and got to see a lot of great fireworks. After Darling harbour we went to Bondi beach to continue the celebration into the New Year.




After having visited a zoo we wanted to see some of the wildlife in the wild. We went on a hike in the Blue Mountains national park to see some nature. We ended up in a clearing were we saw a lot of wild kangaroos and a lot of wild parrots among with many lizards (fortunately no snakes). After seeing the kangaroos we walked to the Nepean River and took a refreshing bath in warm river water.